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[Regardless, there's another one wandering around. He's walking with a Marill instead of with a lab starter though.

After a while, he settles for going to the library. Nothing like reading a few books! Though Marill doesn't have the same idea as him at all -- the little blue mouse likes knocking books off of tables and running back towards Ethan when he gets in trouble for it.]

-- Marill, come on, behave! [And back to whomever might be angry at him this time...!!] I'm so sorry, he's just got a lot of energy.

[Marill huffs, because nah. He's not gonna apologize. He's having fun!]
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[no. literal ruins. it is an island of ruins. mythology nuts, ruin lovers, fossil collecters............ all are welcome!

anyone is welcome, actually. why? because there's a chance of finding a fossil!!!

as well as an equal amount of chances to find things that look like a fossil but aren't. like an old amber with nothing in it. incredible.

and wouldn't you know it, but there's a fossil revival lab on this island too! it's pretty unmanned, but there's books with instructions on how to revive your very own DESTRUCTIVE DINOSAUR MONSTER.

so hey! come on! make a friend! throw your enemy into one of the ruin's dozen puzzle rooms! ffall to your doom! whatever you want!

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[...who isn't experiencing culture shock as much as he is the total immense joy of being able to play with his Pokémon. He's got an interesting crew out with him (a Typhlosion, a Clefable, a Wigglytuff, a Bellossom, a Smeargle, and an Abra), and he's cuddling with them, as one is prone to do when one has never had the chance or thought of Pokémon being real.

(Well. He thought so, when he was like, eight or something? But he was a kid, and it hadn't been real. But these Pokémon -- they were! And his team from his Soul Silver game had been brought to life, just like that!!)

To the undiscerning eye, it might look like he's asleep. But he definitely isn't. Totally. 100% awake here. Really!! Just go over and see for yourself, he's seriously awake. It's not like he's his Abra or something, guys, hahaha, who the heck falls asleep in random places right --]
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[Naturally Paul doesn't give a shit about holidays; they're all the same as regular days to him. That means, TRAIN POKEMON WITHOUT RELENT. However, this late at night, something weird happens, as his Ferroseed is suddenly found at the top of a tree, glowing with a special kind of inexplicable deus ex machina light. It defies gravity as it slowly spins down to the ground, landing approximately at midnight, heralding the new year.

And Paul can only stare in disbelief as, with Ferroseed's landing, a number of other Pokemon suddenly appear before him. A strange, purple-colored Nidoqueen (unusual even by shiny standards), a Mienfoo, a Kingdra, a Noctowl, and a Skarmory.]

What the--?! What's the meaning of this?!

[It's New Year magic of the island, bringing back to Paul the old Pokemon he had gained from the previous iteration of the island years ago!

If you happen to be around, trainers, you too may experience the magic of being reunited with your old friends from the old Pokedressing! Whether or not you remember your old friends is up to you!]
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If you thought you've memorized every bit of the island so far, think again! Seemingly overnight, a huge festival has appeared in the plains, complete with vendors, games, contests, and of course, huge rides to scream your lungs out. Grab your friends and have a fun start to the new year!

Bobbing for apricorns and games - Try your luck at snatching a fresh apricorn and win a pokeball version for your efforts! The water's pretty icy at this time, so you might want to find a way to warm your face afterwards. There's also ring toss, Squirtle gun range, and a strange fishing game where you only ever seem to fish out Magikarp for 500 poke a try. Win big to earn plushies and masks of your favorite Pokemon!

Haunted house - It's a place brimming with Gastlys and Gengars eager to pop out of the walls and scare the living daylights out of you. Enter if you dare!

Ferris wheel - Take a break in the Ferris wheel and get a full view of the carnival. Also a fine place to pick up bizarre dates if you're desperate to kiss someone at midnight.

Food and fortune - Cotton candy, popcorn, caramel-covered berries, and everything else to get your weekly intake of salt and sugar. Stop by the vendors for a range of carnival cuisine from all the regions, then check out the Alakazam fortune teller on the way out to get your new year's fortune. Too bad his fortunes seem to read like bad fortune cookies.

Tunnel of Luvdisc - Need a private moment? Hop into a boat and cruise along the Tunnel of Luvdisc with your darling, together with the lights down low...and a river packed with energetic Luvdisc who seem eager to splash water and sometimes flip onto the boat. Just shove them back if one lands in your lap.

Gyarados roller coaster - It's the highlight of the festival! This towering coaster has all the terrifying drops and turns you want in a roller coaster, but with a tacky-looking Gyarados car as the ride. Don't let that fool you into thinking it's a ride for the younger kids, though.

There's a lot more to see than what's listed here - list your own event too!
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[Just as it says! Happy holidays, whatever it is you celebrate, because here on the island there seems to be a tradition forming. Or long standing. In any case, as the snow's slowed to a nice amount perfect for any wintry activity, there seems to be a higher number of Ice type Pokémon roaming around.

But most importantly?

There's a lot of Delibird around. You know, that pretty rareish Santabird from Johto. They're waddling along, holding their tails as they drag the "bags" atop the snow, and are leaving presents around the areas where most of the activity goes on. And delivering them too.

The catch? Well, not all of them are real presents. A lot of them are things your character might've been needing, or maybe it's not, sometimes they're just berries or other ordinary items, there's food and the like for Pokémon... and the occasional Ice-type attack every now and then if they're feeling particularly tricky. Right from the bag.

Delibird's Present is definitely not to be missed! Try your luck!]
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[It's snowing.

That's right, it's snowing. The ground is covered in a nice thick layer of snow. More importantly, there's a nice and neat series of tables with scarves, mittens, ear muffs, and sleds leaning against it. (A few of the tables even serve hot chocolate that inexplicably hasn't gone cold, for those who need to warm up.)

It's the perfect weather for snow activities since the snow isn't too heavy... You know, except for the occasional Cryogonal that falls from the sky. There seem to be quite a few of those.

But don't let that stop you from some of the classics- snow angels, sledding, snowball fights... Tis the season and all.]
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[Instead of wandering around and exploring the farthest reaches of the island, Silver... is wandering more out in the open. Accompanying him is his Weavile!

And some Sneasels.

...No, not just some Sneasels.

Many Sneasels. Dozens of them (and a few other Weavile!) Some of them are even hitching a ride on his shoulders or head.

Despite the abundant company, he looks casual and approachable enough. ...Or, you know. You could ask about the Sneasels. Maybe one will follow you home!


+1 bird

Dec. 5th, 2013 11:54 pm
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The trash heap appears to be host to a giant red Pokémon today, who rips at the pile with handlike wings. It seems to be looking for something.

Finally, with a piercing screech, it finds what it's been looking for-- the remains of something big, dead, and in a rather advanced state of decay (it was probably once a Wailmer or something of similar size, but in its current state, it's impossible to know for sure). Undeterred by the stench of the rotting... thing, the huge bird Pokémon tears into the corpse, devouring huge chunks of it with each bite.

The circle of life, ladies and gentlemen.

Whether you just happened upon the scene by accident or were actively seeking out legendary Pokémon, you have definitely found one, even if it does act like an oversized vulture.
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[Hello, fellow Rockets and general wrong-doers! You may or may not recognize this man in his dashing white uniform and red insignia wandering around the plains, seemingly searching for something or someone. He's had a long enough while to get more familiar with this place, so now he's in an exploring mood. Maybe there's a nicely furbished abandoned building around here he can claim...

There's a sharp-looking Houndoom next to him, but that aside, he looks pretty harmless - unless you're a hat-wearing kid with too many morals. He might be up for chatting.]
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[It's been a good couple of weeks full of food and freebies!

But now it's a day full of ash. That's right- a light layer of ash lingers in the air and falls down onto the shores of the island. No, not the protagonist from the anime.

Anyone who investigates will find that the shores are full of Lapras that are very eager to take them to the source of the ashy, smoky air- another, smaller, very rocky island with a great big and active volcano! It's absolutely dominated by fire type Pokémon of all kinds. Charmander! Slugma! Magmar! Torkoal! Numel, Chimchar, Darumaka- they've all taken refuge in this heated paradise.

Of course, up at the top of the mountain isn't just a peaceful giant tub of lava. Oh no.

A pair of strange looking Charizard are duking it out.

Welcome to the island's fiery little cousin.]

[ooc: The mega Charizards fighting belong to characters and aren't catchable but rather there to look cool/notice (but if you look around enough, you should be able to find a charmander or mega stone of your own!) OTHERWISE, MINGLE AHEAD.]
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[What's that smell?

Oh. Just a bubbling stew. Actually, that's not all there is; there's an entire table of food laid out. Food from every region is represented -- no dish is left out!!

So why not take a seat at one of the many tables spread on the sand and have a bite? Maybe talk and make a friend... I mean, there's even Poképuffs for your Pokémon to partake in!

Oh, and don't get scared by the Gyarados watching the festivities. She's really nice.

The culprit of this is a young woman named Sam; she's getting her Sableye to lay out plates of food as she makes them, while her poor Ekans wiggles around trying to be helpful. Her Magcargo's the one keeping things warm, so be careful!]
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[Hello, islanders! There is a table in the plains area, as well as signs and the like pointing to it, and a final one with simple instructions:

Choose one.

On the table is a number of differently colored Holo Casters! They each come with an instruction manual explaining their functions - for those of you who can't sit and read a giant manual, some key words that pop out are "call anyone anywhere!", "trade anywhere!", "trade around the world with the GTS!" and last but not least, "Wonder Trade!" Trade off any Pokemon and get a new one in return? From anyone! And here, it can be from someone back home or even around the island itself. Make some friends. Get digits.

For those who are sentimental to their current devices, there's a machine that seems to upgrade to be able to do the same Wonder Trade function. Cool!!]
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[Those who are familiar with the island may remember a beach on the southern side, one that overlooks the Hoenn region; usually it was quiet, sometimes there were people, sometimes it was fairly quiet even with the people, and sometimes the people would come back to this place to try to sort out what they'd lost.

Now seems to be one of the latter times; there's someone crouching down near one of the rocky outcroppings, fingers of his left hand buried in the sand for support. The ocean's rolling in this evening, soaking the long edges of his coat, asymmetrical red-and-black standing out against the starkness of the rocks and the darkness of the waves.

The first thing that he'd noticed about this place is, perhaps stupidly, that his coat has been fixed.

One of his sleeves had been torn off back home, the jagged edges flying loose and frayed at his side if he moved too quickly; not much else seems to have changed, as far as he can tell. He's still hungry as hell and his hair is a mess, and he's twitching quite a bit as he tries to get his bearings.

He's been here before.

Oh, not recently, he doesn't think; the last thing he remembers is Hoenn, the car and the electrical field and something that was probably a crash - admittedly, he doesn't really remember the crash, but there was a sudden stop and impact and then he'd awakened here so he's just going to venture a guess and assume, for a moment, that he's died. It would make this make so much more sense (how?) somehow, and it's a thought he doesn't mind. After all, if he's dead then his rival is dead, because surely life wouldn't kill him in a freak accident and let his rival default to a win, and if his rival is dead then really, they're still even.

Something like that.

But he can't shake the idea that he's been here before, that this beach holds significance to him outside of the view, but for now the memories are hazy, dreamlike (he's had battles on this outcropping, two-on-two and the place below it used to be full of quicksand and he'd won both times but hadn't killed his opponent, and he's battled here one other time but it wasn't so much a battle as it was a start to something and he'd won then too and he had killed his opponent and he'd received what he thinks is the Red Orb but that's ridiculous, isn't it?) and when he tries to force them it just scrambles them a bit, and what's more important is that he's feeling weirdly cut off.

He can't feel Groudon's presence anymore, and it unsettles him.

But he remembers being unable to feel it for a long time, despite the fact that he'd felt it and then there'd been the crash with no time inbetween back in Hoenn; it, that he'd been unable to feel it, despite there being no logical timeframe in which he could have been here...

He's shaking a bit by the end of it because, inexplicably, he's laughing quietly to himself, and he's standing up and brushing the sand off his legs and thinking nonsensically that at least he can see out of his left eye this time (why? that's never been a concern before, his vision is good).]

Quite the piece of work, this place.

[He doesn't seem displeased with that notion; he rakes a hand back through his hair, mussing it a bit as he flicks the front locks of it back out of his eyes.

He'll worry about whatever dreams he's had about this place later, surely.]

It'll be just fine, I think.
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[Remember how there's that bulletin board here? What, you don't remember it? But it's right here!

Currently being pounded on by an older looking girl with a hammer and nail. Honestly, if she had something else on hand, she'd be using that, but she really doesn't. Comes with part of the building profession.

Stepping back, she puts her hands on her hips and spits the short nails she used into the tin the Machop by her side is holding. And reads out what she's put up!]

"Need to build something fast? Don't want to do work yourself? Write your request on the notepad below--"

Oh, shoot, that's what I forgot! [She groans slightly, but her Machop holds up a notepad helpfully.] You were hiding that, weren't you? Thanks.

[Jerk. Okay, hanging it up on another hammered in nail.]

Write it on the notepad below... And we'll have it built by the end of the week you requested, guaranteed. Ask for Bailey! That sounds good, right?

[Yup! Bailey grins and gives her hammer to her Machop, who puts it back into her bag. Alright, with that done, it's time to sit down for lunch and see if anyone actually comes by. She'll totally wave down people to try and get them to look at it, too, and maybe get in some jobs before sundown!

... That's optimistic.]
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[A Pokémon! Something that most people have to wait for, something that people prepare their whole lives for. Others kids are lucky enough to have one as a pet in their home, one that belongs to the parents or guardians.

But, like everyone that came to the island, this young red-head got his own choice of three Pokémon! And he picked one, very easily he picked one. A Nidoran♂!]

Dad's gonna be so surprised! I'll make you super strong and super fast!

[He's so excited, tugging on the Pokémon's ears. The Nidoran doesn't seem to mind!]
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[ Need to heal your pokemon? Or maybe just looking for somewhere to stay for the night if you're a newcomer? Well, whatever your purose was to come here, you might not get what you expected.

It seems like the Pokecentre has been hijacked by someone who's thrown pillows and blankets all around with balloons and various snacks laid about. Not to mention, cheesily remixed Pokecentre music is playing in the background. The Nurse seems pretty relaxed at the counter, not a hair out of place and happy to help if you need it.

Why not join in for a sleepover if you've nowhere else to be? There's plenty of places to lie about and socialise, snacks to eat and balloons to pop!

If you were trying to get to sleep, though, you might have a hard time... ]
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[Ethan counts himself lucky, he guesses.

He arrived with Lyra and you know, wide open space is so much better than that place with rooms that emulated the outside world. He chose a cute Pokémon (a Swirlix) and so far, he's managed to stick with his partner!

Quilava likes the new guy too, even if she wishes there were more girls around.

ANYWAY, since they're together that means they can do business. And what kind of business? Rocket business! They're not in their uniforms though - just their regular clothes - since it's bad taste to go robbing people undisguised.

An Abra's between them, and Ethan's smiling in the most friendly of ways to anyone who passes by.]

Hello there! We're masters of judging Pokémon's potentials! I know a lot of us got new Pokémon [he motions to his and Lyra's Swirlix and Spritzee pair] and we thought we'd offer our services! So --

Would you like us to tell you your Pokémon's intriguing potential?

[ooc: A joint post with [personal profile] beatenheart! You can either get us both or specify who you want in the subject!]
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[Hopefully you weren't in a hurry, because all of a sudden there is a GIANT PILE OF STUFF in your way. Sorry about that.

It's big, it's messy, and it's... a bit smelly. It's made up of everything from furniture to clothing to trash to gold nuggets. There's also some low level Trubbishes and even people (!?) mixed in.

Why not come search for buried treasure? Or try to catch one of those absolutely adorable little trash bags? Of course, you might also be one of the unfortunate Islanders who got partially buried in junk...]

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[An island! This is most certainly not where everyone was just a few moments ago. ...Alright, maybe some of you were on an island. Don't get cheeky.

At everyone's feet is a small note. It gives no description of their location or explanation, of course; it only says one simple thing.

Please choose one.

The note comes along with three Pokéballs with different "starter" Pokémon in them- the three Pokémon can be anything, from a Froakie, Charmander, and Treecko to a Rattata, Patrat, and Bidoof if you're particularly unlucky- and everything in between. If it's not a legendary Pokémon, it's fair game.

Of course, you can only pick one! Trying to go for a second will leave you thinking that you better not get too greedy. If you're one of those types that wouldn't care either way, the other two Pokéballs will simply disappear.

Now go forth, and into a world of Pokémon!]


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